Motivation is in danger help

Do you know what happened to Failtaco? It seems she just vanished after her friend passed

Awh what?? I had no idea, I hope she’s doing okay then. I’m sorry, I don’t know where she’s gone. It’s been forever since i’ve conversed with her or anyone for that matter, i’ve been inactive.

Just doodled something!

Just doodled something!

On a roll, I assume.

Drawings. <3

Coloring with markers = FUN.

hey! can I ask what do you use to "ink" your traditional drawings? Or what do you draw them with, because they look really cool :)


which ones? some are scanned straight into the computer without inking and just simply colored over, but I use Microns or the Copic Multiliner to finish ink work :’D Lately I just scanned them straight into the computer my ink pens are worn and I have to replace the nibs. if you are curious, my recent traditional art is done by pencil and colored digitally. Some with markers! The lineart may look like pen since I tend to be neat with my sketches hahaa

super duper party pony

super duper party pony

I’m still taking a break from the internet.

but recent stuff!

*sigh* yet more sketches. I haven’t had time to finish a single thing



yet MORE doodles. Hah.

more doodles.

Eh! I don&#8217;t know.

Eh! I don’t know.